Naomh Pádraig G.L.C Lios na gCearrbhach

St Patricks GAC Lisburn

St Patricks GAC History

St Patricks GAC is situated in the city of Lisburn,whose name is believed to be a marriage of the Irish “Lois na Cearbhach”, meaning Fort of the Gamblers, and the Scottish ” Burn” , meaning brook or fast flowing stream. St Patrick is the Patron saint of Ireland and has a close connection to Ulster in general and Antrim in particular, having spent a portions of his early and adult life here. St Patrick GAC is believed by many to have been founded in 1965, but is thought to have been in existance for ten to fifteen years before that, and is a result of Ulsters’ rich Celtic history, and is derived from the ancient forms of Gaelic Football and Hurling which was played in these hills and valleys long before even St Patrick set foot on these shores.

More recently St Patricks GAC has won  County Antrim Shields and League Titles at all age groups through out the club in its history, and is looking to continued success in the future in all areas of the Club. The last Major Trophy they won was back in 1990 as they won the Junior champion championship with players such as Peter Mallon (AKA Muzz), Peter Burns, kevin Drayne, Dennis Mallon who are still very much involved in the club and also others.



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GAA History

The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) was founded on November 1st 1884, by a group of spirited Irishmen who had the foresight to realise the importance of establishing a national organisation to revive and nurture traditional, indigenous pastimes.

Until that time all that was Irish was being steadily eroded by emigration, desperate poverty and outside influences. Within six months of that famous first meeting, clubs began to spring up all over Ireland and people began to play the games of Hurling and Gaelic Football and take part in Athletic events with pride. From 1925 the GAA handed over the organisation of Athletics to a separate organisation.

The Irish who emigrated brought their national games with them and both regional and club units are now well established in America, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada, mainland Europe and in many other parts of the world where the large Irish diaspora are located.

History of GAA in Antrim

The first G.A.A. Club to be founded in Antrim was the Belfast Gaels (or Pioneers, as they came Popularly to be known), which came into existence in 1885. To the Rev. J. O’Reilly (a native of Loughguile) must be accorded the signal honour of raising the banner of Michael Cusack in the county.

Hot foot upon the Belfast Gaels came four additional hurling clubs: Belfast Harps, Lisburn Red Hands, William Orrs and Divis Rangers.

It may be of interest to record that an official news item emanating from Central Council intimated “the receipt of the sum of £3, from Antrim, as affiliation fees for the year 1885”.

Consequent upon the Parnell Split, the five Antrim clubs faded into the limbo of things forgotten and it was not until October 1898 that an effort to reorganise the G.A.A. in Antrim materialised.

The initiative was taken by the Red Branch Hurling Club, after its coming into existence. An appeal by their officers called upon “Antrim and Ulster G.A.A. men to sink their political differences and come together in unity and friendship under the old Gaelic banner once more, in this memorable year, the centenary year of 1798”.

In due course more G.A.A. Clubs came into being and, with the formation of a County Board in 1900. The Irish Ireland revival in Antrim had become a concrete reality.


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