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St Patricks GAC Lisburn

Winners strike at Deal Or No Deal

Following up the success of Strictly Come Dancing another great audience showed up for another great night of entertainment with a chance of walking away with £1500.  Around 200 people showed up which turned out into another wonderful night put together by St Patrick’s GAC and many of them walking away with prizes.

The first person picked to be put in the hot seat was the St Patrick’s captain himself , Compere Steven Turtle welcomed him on to the show asking him what he would do if he won £1500 with Josh replying “Buy the seniors new kits.”  once Josh was in the spirit of the game things started going downhill as Peter Casey let him down and some other friends on stage.  Josh ended up walking away with £20 from a possible £750 which would pay for his next night out in Belfast. IMG_2971

Peter turtle was next selected and much to his delight he started off very well leaving the banker worried then wobbling a bit.  Peter couldn’t see it out to the end where he was left with a chance of lifting £350 and the Peter settled for £250 with the banker


IMG_2999 IMG_3012






Coming to the end of Deal Or No Deal everyone was interested in the £1500 prize.  a challenger was selected and put in the hot seat by Steven Turtle.  At first he seemed nervous but it was him who has the banker biting his nails at the end where there was a potential for £1500 but the banker made him settle for £700 which more than likely made his night.

IMG_3045 IMG_3068






As the Event came to an end the crowd stayed behind and enjoyed entertainment from the club and DJ.  St Patrick’s GAC would like to thank you all involved and everybody who attended the event. Get more photos from the event at our Facebook Page.

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