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St Patricks GAC Lisburn

St Patricks Dancers Light Up Lisburn

St Patrick’s parish was once again lit up with entertainment from the GAA club as Strictly Come Dancing came to town for the first time. 350 plus filled out the lively hall cheering on all the dancers with there performances. The night started of with Matthew Campbell getting the crowd singing and voices warmed up for the action to come.

The Comperes came on to stage as Johny Wilson introduced Michelle Mallon and it wasn’t long before they got the show on the road. They introduced to the audience who the judges would be. Lisburns finest Brian Magee was first to be introduced with a big cheer from the crowd, shortly followed by Tony Law and Anita McMaster. All the judges had something to say before the dancers came out in what they where looking for and some humorous things which kept the crowd laughing.



IMG_2812 IMG_2541 IMG_2542 IMG_2543















The Comperes now introduced all the dancers to the stage in there couples for there first routine to be carried out. The audience where amazed within the first 30 seconds of the skills of the dancers, giving off rounds of applause and cheering, but it didn’t stop as the dance routine got better and better and the audience got louder and louder. The dancers where given a standing elevation from most of the audience for the performance then it was over to the judges to see what they thought of the routine and all give a positive word.












Now it is down to the competition where the dancers pair off and first up was Gerard Dixon with Andrea McKittrick.
Gerard who raised £1100 for charity was out with Andrea and without a doubt had the audience cheering and shouting for them from start to finish.



























Declan Phillips and Sarah Oakes where introduced next and the audience where in for a bit of a surprise when Declan still had it in him to jump of the stage then ignite the audience and and run and jump back up on stage to the lovely Sarah.  Declan took the stage with no fear controlling every move and getting great reactions from the audiences with the dance moves performed with Sarah, but at the end of the dance we were all sure Sarah brought put the best in Declan.


IMG_2599 IMG_2597








Johny now introduced Danny McKeown and Angela Lemon to the stage where they started of with a classic from the 80s *Grease” which got a brilliant reaction from their supporters and the audience. the judges Brian Anita and Tony where all amazed with there display giving a positive score.

IMG_2616 IMG_2617








St Patrick’s GAC vice-captain Josh McMullan and Niamh Mallon where introduced onto stage by the comperes and once the names where announced the cheering for the dancers was out of this world. Their song “A thousand years” silenced the audience and once both held hands on the stage for the first time the first big cheer came. Josh is well known for his physique and once he lifted Niamh another roar from the crowd was inevitable. they continued right through there dance getting cheers non-stop. Judges Brian Anita and Tony where all impressed with the Dancers performance and gave them a top score.

IMG_2660                 IMG_2648 IMG_2654














Compere Michelle Mallon invited her daughter Emma Mallon and Darren Flannagan up onto stage to preform “shake your tail feather.” Without a doubt this dance had it all, excitement, talent, great skill. The dance got the audience all cheering with the funny moves and dance skills of both.

IMG_2692 IMG_2695









Johnny and Michelle now invited couple number 6 up onto stage Andrew and Siobhan Lavery, and they where under pressure from there children who attend St Josephs to beat there classroom assistant Darren Flannagan. The Couple brought tremendous support and lit up the audience with fabulous dance skills and a really well rehearsed routine which earned them to get top scores from all 3 judges and make the children happy beating there classroom assistant.


IMG_2724 IMG_2720









The comperes now introduced the youngest couple of the night Jamie Frazer and Melissa Moran onto the stage. There dance theme was salsa and in this case it took the audience and judges by surprise as at there age they preformed it really well in front of over 350 people with out any nerves and got a big cheer from the crowd from all there hard work that went into this.

IMG_2742 IMG_2749








IMG_2775 IMG_2772









As all the dancers where watching in the back each person preform, there was only one couple left to preform, Michelle and Johnny introduced Steven Turtle and Alice Gallagher to the stage, with brilliant support for both dancers cheering. Alot of the crowd may of expected Steven not to be able to dance but they where in for a shock.  Once Sam and the Womp  – Bom Bom came on the roof lifted.  The Couple dancing away then out of nowhere Steven lifted Alice with a tremendous dance move electrifying the supporters and crowd.  With the couples great conformance the Judges gave them a nice high score for all the hard work the couple put in, and Steven and Alice thanked everyone for there great support.


As all the dances ended Matthew Campbell was there to entertain the crowd with music as the votes could be counted up. As Matthew came to a finish back came on the comperes to bring on all the dancers again for one last dance and needless to say the audience cheered the whole way through, for the dancers and there performances.






Just before the results where to be announced there where a few awards to be handed out. St Patrick’s Chairman Peter Burns came onto stage to present the awards. Judge Anita McMaster was given an award and thanks by the club for her help and involvement in the night. Peter Burns also handed Michelle Mallon an award for her hard work as she was called the mummy to the dance group and looked after everyone. Niamh Mallon was also given an award for all her hard work put into making the night happening, making the programmes and also performing. Michelle Mallon then Awarded the groups choreographer Shane Berger with a St Patrick’s GAC top for all his hard work in the past 8-10 weeks with the group as his work with the group was 10/10 and professional. Michelle then called Gerard Dixon out to present him with a St Patrick’s GAC top as he raised over an amazing £1100 for charity.

IMG_2841 IMG_2845 IMG_2844


IMG_2847 IMG_2851

















As it was coming up to 11 O’clock it was now time for the results to be announced and everyone was excited for the results. Coming in at 3rd place saw Darren Flannagan & Emma Mallon with their fine cheeky performance for “shake ya tail feather.” Emma was in disbelief making it to 3rd getting a big hug from her mum on stage and also a hugh round of applause from the audience. 2nd place saw the couple Andrew and Siobhan Lavery with there 10/10 performance and a big round of applause from the audience. 1st place saw Josh McMullan and Niamh Mallon with their impressive dance to “Christina Perri – A Thousand Years.” Niamhs reaction was priceless as she could not seem to believe it as she was lost for words when Michelle asked her what she thought of coming 1st and the same was for Josh for the first time maybe in his career in the spotlight he has been lost for words both thanking the audience.

3rd Place Darren and Emma                                                   2nd Place Andrew & Siobhan Lavery

IMG_2853 IMG_2856 








1st Place Josh and Niamh                                                             Emotional Niamh with speechless Josh

IMG_2864 IMG_2862







It is only tradition for the winners of Strictly Come Dancing to repeat there dance and so did Josh and Niamh to the romantic song of Christina Perri which caught the hearts of some of the audience with the romantic dance style. once finished they earned maybe the biggest cheer of the night and deserved it with all the hard work that Niamh and Josh put into there routine.


IMG_2869 IMG_2870 IMG_2872















As the dancing came to an end the audience stayed for some drinks and entertainment to music pulling off there own dance skills which everyone enjoyed. The night was a hugh success to the public and also Lisburn with over £1600 raised for charity, and comments from people saying they have never seen anything like this before and others commenting they would like to see one again.



IMG_2497 IMG_2482 IMG_2483 IMG_2486 IMG_2491





















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